The Podcast

As I am living out my third decade of student ministry (all at the same church), my heart for coming alongside my brothers and sisters in the trenches has only continued to grow. I am often asked how I’ve been able to experience such consistency and longevity. As much as I’d love to say it is because of amazing strategies and disciplines I put in place from the beginning, the reality is that my story is mostly marked by me being a victim (in a positive way) of my circumstances. I don’t have this all figured out, but I do have a story that I’m willing to share.

This podcast is driven by my story of long term youth ministry in a single church in amishville Northern Indiana. The story will marked by a lot of personal reflections, successes and failures. It is also marked by a ton of amazing folks met along the way. As I share these stories, I hope we will all be able to pull out some principles, ideas and strategies that will allow us to flourish in the student ministry world.

The podcast will consist of three primary types of episodes:

My Story: I’ll be me speaking into your ear holes about what the journey has looked like and the lessons we might be able to learn.
My People: I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the amazing people who have played an integral part in my story.
My Friends: Along the way I have met some amazing guys and girls in the Student Ministry world who have their stories that have allowed them to experience longevity in the student ministry world.

You can catch episodes at any of the following places podcasts can be played: